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2016 brought the worst winter in 100 years to the northeast America. Record low snowfall in Maine made it hard for the boys to get local riding in. However, despite the conditions, the Rave X team gave it their all in the Maine and Canadian backcountry. With a couple trips to the Chic Choc mountains, a couple trips out west and some selective Maine backcountry weekends, they found snow. Sticking to their roots, Rave X also brings back freestyle action with shots from the Eustis Polar Blast, Rangeley Snodeo and Fremont, NH Grass Drags. Rave X is back with their BEST FILM TO DATE! Starring Brandon Bell, Andrew Coppersmith, Ralph Gallagher, John McGovern, Alex Bishop, Heath Frisby, Dane Ferguson, Mark York, Shawn Huston and More!

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