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    • El Macho is a tub style designed tunnel pak created for those riders who need to haul larger amounts of gear to the back country or are doing longer trips needing extra capacity
    • Pak integrates a vacuum formed tub that is waterproof protecting gear which needs to stay dry
    • Zipper top has a durable insert sewn in to provide a hard top protecting items inside
    • Top includes a flip tunnel rack design allowing larger items to be strapped on or carried on the outside of the pak
    • El Macho only fits on Crossover & Long Track Mountain machines
    • Tub dimensions – 16Wx21Lx12H
    • Pak is intended to be removable once you have reached your riding destination
    • Capable of carrying a snowboard
    • Includes a zipper compartment on the inside of the lid for the rack straps and external end pockets for extra small items

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