AFT Reproduction Carburetor - 76-78 Models
Aftermarket Replica XR75 76/77/78 Carb – Main difference is choke lever – is not extend..
Clymer Repair Manual 1975-2002
Clymer Repair Manual for Honda XL/XR 75cc thru 100cc. Covers 1975-2002: XL75, XR75, XL80S, XR80, XR8..
JT HDR Chain, 420-100L, XR75 73-78
This JT Heavy Duty 420-100 link chain is the stock replacement size for the XR75 73-78 models...
Seat Stencil - All
Same size and shape as original HONDA text painted on seats. To use, remove non-stick back paper an..
Spark Plug - All Models
TB Brake Shoes - K0-78 Models
High quality brake shoes with springs. Fit front and rear...
TB Rear Shock, Pair - 73-76 Models
Rear Shocks (one pair). Almost identical to the XR75K0 and XR75K1 shocks. The major difference is th..
TB Spark Plug cap - All Models
Honda type Spark Plug Cap..
TB Tune Up Kit - K0-K2, 76 Models
Tune up kit that includes the points, spark plug, condenser, condenser felt, and felt oil (most kits..