Mini ATV Rider

The newest member our team, Levi Coen, is racing an FXR 125 Mini ATV in the GNCC series and taking the series by storm. Levi won his super mini class in 2009 and was 3rd overall in 2009 GNCC series on his FXR and is dominating once again this year winning almost every race he has entered.


Pit Bike Rider

Matthew Skerrett aka Boxy from Melbourne Australia is one of the newest members to join the Pitster Pro family. Matthew is no stranger to racing and riding pit bikes. He started racing in 1982 and has never looked back. Matthew has a long list of podium finishes from races in the Australian junior motorcross championships to the 2010 Las Vegas Mini Moto Supercross. He consistently finishes top 3 in the pro level minimoto races in Australia and is looking forward to the 2011 Las Vegas Mini Moto where he hopes to beat his 2nd place finishes from 2010.


Pit Bike Rider

Mike "Reefy" Reefman is ranked the number 3 pit bike rider in Australia and number 1 in Victoria. He is the 2010 AMA number 1 world vet champ. Mike is always down for a race and puts a lot of time in on the pit bike track.


Mini ATV Rider

Christian Horne is a 13 year old 8th grade student from Cookeville, Tn. Christian started racing ATV's in 04 and has raced Flat Track , TT, Drag and MX but prefers racing MX. He has won numerous state and local championships and a National Championship with over 200 podium finishes. Some of his championships include:

  • 05 TN Supercross
  • 05-06 FMF Winter Indoor
  • 06 Back 40 MX
  • 06-07 Ky State Indoor MX and 07-08 Ky State Indoor MX
  • 08 ITP Moose Racing ATVA National
  • 08 ITP Grand Slam MX
  • 09 Briar Hill MX


Mini ATV Rider

Josh is a 13 year old from Coolville, Ohio who has completed his first year of racing ATV's with a pretty successful record and has big plans for the 2011 season. Josh plans to race the GNCC miniquad series in the 90cc Modified class as well as he will also be racing district races.

2010 Results:
  • Extreme Dirt Series-1st in Miniquad 10-13 novice modified
  • FastTraxx Super Series-1st in Miniquad 11-15
  • District 11- 1st in Miniquad 11-15
  • GNCC- 3 races ran in 2010 with Overall:
  • 4th Millfield
  • 8th St. Clairesville
  • 4th Crawfordsville


Mini ATV Rider

Randy Riden, a 12 year old from Bolivar, Mo has been racing ATV's since 2003 at the age of 5. He has raced multiple styles of ATV Racing and has been winning Championship titles on the local, state and national levels, since 2004. Randy raced Extreme Dirt Track for 4 years, Motocross for 1 year and has found his love to be Cross Country racing. This year Randy plans on racing the GNCC Series, the local Cross Country Series and as many Motocross Races as time will allow. Randy wants to someday participate in the Baja 1000.



Braydan Galvin – Races Pitster Pro powered speedway bikes and proves the reliability and power of the Pitster Pro engines! 2012 Youth 200cc California State Championship. Riding since age four this son of a Speedway dynasty where both granddad Dave and father Bryan raced D-1 won his first California Pee Wee Championship by age six (run on the same night the Pee Wee class is not called a State Championship). The next year he won it again. 2007 saw Braydan win the Youth D-2 Main at Industry seven times and finish third in the Youth D-2 Track Championship. Then he disappeared. “Going car racing” Speedway would not hear from him for four years. “It was July of 2011” Granddad Dave told me. “Braydan wanted to try Speedway again but he didn’t have bike for so his dad and I took him to the Billy Hamill Speedway Academy”. The 1996 World Speedway Champion supplies the bike, track and instructs. Any kid who ever thought about riding Speedway this is the way to do it. You can check out the Billy Hamill Speedway Academy on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Billy-Hamill-Speedway-Academy-Hagon-Shocks/159371037431409 So the bottom line is that by schools end all knew Speedway was Braydan calling. A month later here at Industry he won his first main. Two weeks later also here at Industry he was third in the California State Speedway Championship and then he was crowned the Youth Western States Champion at IMS. Braydan been winning races ever since. “But this is his biggest. The California State Speedway Championship. Its enough to make a grown man cry”. Right on Dave. Braydan is the future of this sport. Glad you and Bryan were there to mentor that process. Speedway has had many famous families. The name Galvin is indeed one. Howie Zechner FYII - Rider #45 used to belong to Bruce Penhall before he went to a single digit number.



Team XJ balance bike rider and XJ-Electric motorcycle racer! James loves to practice with the big boys at the local bike park. James learned how to ride a XJ balance bike when he was 18 months old and has since advanced to the XJ-Electric motorcycles!



Rides a XJ-E electric! With the Motocross Champion, Ryan Dungey #5 of her bike, Ella is not afraid to show the boys what’s up! With her XJ-E electric she is learning the skills she will need to advance to the next level!